My name is Ahm(a|e|ae)(d|t). It’s derived from the verb that means to praise or to thank, God, in Arabic. A name I find similar to mine is the name Amadeus which means “to love God”.

A wrong way to write my name (and pronounce, my Dutch friends)

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I’m a programmer who is based… just based.

I have a few years of experience in the field of software engineering and way more interests than what my human mind is capable of keeping up with. I’m currently doing backend stuff in the domain of selling fins (or as investors like to say, fintech).

I started this blog while I was in school and can’t remember why. Anyway, I try to revive it every few months/years with a post or 5 but it’s not always easy to find a reason to write about something. Besides, all the cool kids are tiktoking now (and probably don’t have the attention span required to read an article).

** WARNING California Proposition 69: posts here can get political **

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