On Writing

Why I write

There maybe a lot of reasons for this. For starters, I think writing is a fun activity. I write mainly to improve my communication skills, written communication skills apparently. Another reason I write for is to give back to the communities I’m involved in and maybe benefit someone someday with something I wrote. Teaching is such a precious experience. Teaching and teaching through writing here does not only benefit the reader but also the writer cause when I write, I get to deepen and widen my knowledge base.

Teach and you shall learn.

Writing is hard

Seriously, this is the first thing that came to my mind when I thought of writing this article. Although it might be fun to write, it’s very difficult to put a good article together. The biggest issue for me is when I have a fairly good idea and I can barely write about it at length. Although I believe in quality not quantity, some articles can be understood from only the title and a title alone cannot make an article. Some other articles feel superficial to me after writing them thus I keep writing articles and deleting (or sometimes, constantly editing) them.

Marketing is also hard

Between the downvotes and the harsh comments on Reddit and Hacker News, marketing an article is as hard as writing it. Currently, I use Twitter and Reddit to share my articles. The downvotes and the harsh comments with no constructive feedback are a bit frustrating sometimes even though I believe I don’t write for everyone. What I mean by I don’t write for everyone is that the targeted audience for each article might differ thus building an audience for the blog is difficult.

How I write

Currently the way I write is as follows:

First, I come up with an idea and/or a title, generate a page for the article, and fire up a text editor. I start by writing the main headlines in the article. I then start filling the main points as fast as possible without editing them. Afterwards, I edit the article, and fix the typos.

How I want to write though is writing consistently. No matter how many new year’s resolutions I may make, I never keep writing consistently as I want to. However recently, I’ve been writing every other week or so. I also want to write fearlessly. The fear of writing a bad article is what always stops me from writing or publishing an article.